Toners And Astringents

Achieving a fresh and beautiful look for your skin is easy once you find and start using the products that are appropriate for your skin type. Many people have realized that there is no need for all kinds of different creams for the different parts of their faces. Instead, they have come to the conclusion that one product, or two at the most, is all they need.

Basic products

When it comes to the most commonly used products, it is rather surprising that many women, who tend to use various products, usually forget to use some of the most important and useful products that can help them with their skin. Some of these products are, without a doubt, toners and astringents.

To shed more light on these, we will go over some of their key features and benefits.

Toners and astringents - The benefits and features

Facial toners, provided they are based on proven and effective formulas, can provide three important benefits for your skin complexion.

1. Smoother skin

For starters, a facial toner will smooth your skin and shrink your pores. The majority of toners contain astringents themselves, which are actually chemical compounds that can cause the skin to tighten and contract. Once the skin is tightened, the pores will also shrink, and your skin will become much smoother and fresh-looking.


2. Protection against microbes and excessive oil

In addition to looking better, small pores are also important because they provide much less room for microbes, make-up, and oil to lodge. When combined with strong antiseptic and deep cleansing properties of toners, this can make the skin much more resistant to all kinds of infections. This way, you will achieve a clearer complexion and avoid frequent break-outs.

3. Maintaining the pH balance

A good facial toner can effectively restore your skin's pH balance. It is no secret that a good number of cleansers and toners are highly alkaline. As a result, they can easily remove the oils that are produced so as to keep the skin moisturized, which in turn can push the skin's pH value to the alkaline side. In this case, your "acid mantle", which is the first line of defense against microorganisms, will be compromised. For the highest level of protection, our skin needs to be slightly acidic. Therefore, a good toner is the one that is pH-balanced correctly and which will ensure your skin's natural defenses are not compromised in any way.

Extra benefits

Depending on their composition and the ingredients, there are also other benefits you can get from a quality toner. These can include reduced wrinkles and lines, improved skin elasticity, sun damage protection and more.


These chemical compounds are most effective against acne. Since they are among the major ingredients of toners, they can also be used to minimize big pores and reduce the amount of surface oil. In general, toners and astringents work on the same principles, and they can make your skin look firmer and tighter. They mostly come in liquid form and are usually applied with a piece of cotton after the face cleansing procedure.


Some of the most commonly used organic astringents are the following:


With the help of this natural herb, an astringent can improve your anti-bacterial properties and make your skin appear much fresher.


Toners and astringents that contain this ingredient are somewhat milder and possess natural fragrances.

Witch hazel

The main purpose of this ingredient is to reduce the amount of surface oil. It is most commonly found in mild toners.